Monday, April 18, 2016

Ice Castles

Nashla proposed that we take a trip to see the famous "Ice Castles." They are created annually in Alberta, New Hampshire, Maine, and Utah. We drove to the ones in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Calling them "castles" is a bit of an aggrandizement.

They are essentially an installation that allows visitors to take carefully cropped photos to be posted on social media. These are mine:

The location's pamphlet F.A.Q. includes the question: "Will an icicle fall on me?" Answer: icicles attached to roofs fall, icicles attached to ice will only melt on you.

On the left: Nashla, one of my oldest friends. Center: Silvia. Right: Dan, who introduced me to Silvia.

And for the sake of posterity, this is what visiting the Ice Castles is actually like in person: